United YUYU Profile

Shenzhen United YUYU Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a professional sales company (Est. 2005). We are located in Southeast China; just 40 minutes from Hong Kong.

Our focus is on the marketing, promotion and sales of imported medical devices and prescription drugs in China.

Our ideal customers are foreign companies who wish to sell in China. And are looking for an entry into that vast market.

United YUYU follows a business model termed the Distributor Promotion Model, whereby we take on both the promotion and sales of a product. We have established a niche in the Chinese medical market, with our experienced sales team, and our hard won network of contacts.

United YUYU follows a market-demand product selection strategy. That is, we select products which we consider have high sales and growth potential in China. And for each of the products we select we formulate an individual marketing strategy.

United YUYU also offer overseas medical device manufactures and pharmaceutical company a broad range of services. These include; generally introducing their products to the Chinese market; handling medical device registration; contacting and liaising with clinical trial companies (CRO) and finding out which clinical trials are required for registration for individual products.

United YUYU’s long term ambition is to establish United YUYU as one of the leading sales and marketing companies of imported medical products in China. To this end, we are continually on the look out for overseas products that will sell well in China, and to providing professional and high quality distributor services to oversea medical manufactures who wish to establish themselves in China.


Our advantage to you

1) Our experience in working with foreign healthcare companies.

2) Our knowledge of the registration process for medical products in China – and a contact network within the Chinese CFDA.

3) Our previous success in promoting medical products with a variety of different marketing approaches.

4) Our sales team with their access to a large number of outlets.

5) Our genuine enthusiasm for selling.

6) Our ability to work to agreed targets – and achieve promised results.


The United YUYU Team Leader

Ms Yong Qiu, the chairman and founder of United YUYU, has over 18 years experience in healthcare product sales. She is familiar with healthcare product operations across China, and has had broad experience in launching and promoting foreign healthcare products on the Chinese market.


Our distributor network

We have a solid distributor network across all of China. Most of our distributors are retail sales companies who in-turn distributor to hospitals and pharmacies. We provide not only the product, but also give training to our distributors in the promotion of the medical  products we sell them. We also help our distributors organize conferences to promote our products to selected doctors and pharmacist.


What we want from you

To obtain exclusive distribution rights to your product and to sell that product – for you – in China.


Our Interests

We are looking for overseas medical device manufacturers, and manufacturers of medicines, who would like to be selling in the biggest fastest growing market in the world – China.

What we most want to do is establish long term partnerships with oversea medical manufacturer and to represent these companies in China.


What can we do for you

1) We can complete the Chinese product registration process for your product – obtaining the relevant licenses quickly and efficiently.

2) We can set up a dedicated sales team for your product.

3) We can establish a product distribution network – and sell your product through that network and report the performance back to you.

4) We can provide a distributor service and follow-up enquiries locally.

5) We can work with your company to build your brand name in China.


Thank you for your attention. United YUYU are looking forward to a prosperous future with you.