China is now looking outside its own borders to global pharmaceutical markets.

In Europe and the USA regulatory authorities are demanding comparative data for new drugs; Clinical Trials conducted in China and the manufacture of Chinese drug for sale outside China all require the inclusion of a third party manufacturers drug for direct comparative purposes – a “Comparator Drug”

Shenzhen United YUYU PHARMACEUTICAL Co Ltd provides Comparator Drugs to top Chinese clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies

Procurement of a specific comparator drug for a clinical trial is a complex process. As fully integrated organization, we offer a single point of contact for sourcing, repacking, blinding and distribution of comparator drugs on worldwide basis. We work closely with the SFDA on your behalf.

In December 2007, United YUYU signed a formal agreement with the British Pharmaceutical company, Pharmarama, setting up partner companies with representative offices in China and Britain.

Pharmarama is a leading supplier of Comparator Drugs — with speed, accuracy and the highest degree of ethical standards – to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations.

With our foreign partners, we make a strong team, working together to effect successful procurement for our customers.

  • We source comparators directly from the manufacturer when appropriate, supplying large single batches with maximum shelf life.
  • Manage contract production, placebo manufacture and country specific sourcing
    Logistics design, including collection and delivery programs
  • Tracking documents from source to trial site (Pedigree)
  • Supply chain systems audited and approved by customers, including major pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations
  • Warehousing
  • Kit construction / special requests placebo
  • Translation services

Comparator Drugs Purchasing Processes ( Made Simple By United YUYU )

1. The client makes an inquiry at United YUYU

2. United YUYU quotes the client for the comparator drugs sought
( 7 working days after inquiry)

3. The client determines the purchase, signs contract, makes an order and pays full payment

4. United YUYU places the order with the foreign company

5. The comparator drug arrives in Shenzhen(30 working days after payment )

6. United YUYU delivers the comparator drug to the designated location

Under the leadership of its board, United YUYU Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, are making large strides forward; we are proud of our progress and are hoping to expanded into, and explore even greater business opportunities; to become the leader in the field of comparator drugs.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. We are looking forward to working with you, and to meeting your every requirement.