pain gone pen

Natural pain relief device for chronic and acute pain

  • Use directly on the point of pain even through light clothing
  • No need for batteries, leads, pads or gels
  • Discreet 30 second treatment
  • Clinically tested
  • Class II Medical Device

Over 1 million users worldwide

What is PainGone?

PainGone is a handy, fast working device shaped like a large pen and is as easy to use. It works on the principles of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (also known as TENS or TNS) but unlike ordinary TENS machines it has no attachments or batteries and can be used anywhere, anytime. It uses a low-frequency electrical charge produced by crystals to provide prolonged pain relief which is clinically proven to work.

PainGone transmits electrical impulses that activate the nerve pathway which sends a “call for help” message to the brain. The brain via the spinal cord speeds endorphins (the body’s own natural relief mechanism) to stop the pain.
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PainGone is effective on physical pain such as:

  • back pain
  • arthritis
  • tennis elbow
  • fibromyalgia
  • sports injuries
  • menstrual pain
  •  sciatica
  •  post operative pain
  •  skeletal pain
  •  headache
  •  aching muscles
  •  shingles
  •  neuralgia
  •  lumbago

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Why PainGone?

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PainGone provides the same soothing electrotherapy as standard TENS machines but has many advantages over traditional devices. The ease, speed and flexibility of the PainGone have made it the preferred pain relief device of over a million pain sufferers across the globe.

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Standard TENS treatment

  • Must be used directly on the skin
  • Prolonged treatment
  • Bulky and cumbersome to carry
  • Requires leads with self adhesive pads on the end
  • which must be stuck on the skin
  • Difficult to find the optimum treatment spot using a set of large electrodes
  • Attaching the electrodes and pads to the skin can be time consuming and delay treatment
  • Electrode pads must be moved around to avoid irritating the skin
  • Requires batteries, pads and sometimes maintenance

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  • Can be used through light clothing. No need to undress 30 second treatment
  • Light and portable for treatment anywhere
  • Requires no leads or pads. Just place the device on the painful area
  • Easy to move over the skin to pinpoint the optimum spot for maximum pain relief
  • The PainGone requires no set up and can be used immediately even through clothing
  • PainGone does not require pads or gel which can irritate the skin
  • No batteries or maintenance required


How to use

PainGone is straightforward and easy to use.

  • Hold PainGone in your hand
  • Firmly wrap index finger around the metal ring
  • Identify area of pain and place the PainGone on the point of pain
  • Click the red push-button 30 to 40 times
  • PainGone is effective over an area with a 15cm radius
  • Each click sends a pulse that activates the body’s natural defence system against pain and activates endorphins
  • For best results use PainGone on a regular and consistent basis
  • Can be used on acupuncture points to achieve wider reaching results when the direct point of pain cannot be identified.

The same contraindications as normal TENS equipment apply. PainGone should not to be used:

  • If you are fitted with a pacemaker
  • If you suffer from epilepsy
  • In and around the eyes
  • Over the heart
  • If you are pregnant 16 weeks and under
  • On wet skin or damp surroundings
  • Close to a supply of oxygen or flammable liquids
  • Whilst driving
  • By children under the age of 8 years
  • Directly over implanted metal parts.
  • On the carotid sinus nerves, laryngeal or pharyngeal muscles in the front/side of the neck


Clinical studies

Arthrosis Treatment of Arthrosis of the Knee by Dr Ole Asbjorn, GP, MD.
PainGone seems to have an effect which is on the same level as drugs. PainGone can therefore be an alternative pain killing treatment to patients waiting for an operation.

Tennis Elbow Treatment of Acute Tennis Elbow by Dr Ole Asbjorn, GP, MD.
76% of the patients had effects ranging from good to excellent pain relief. “PainGone is effective as a painkiller and is a good supplement to other treatments.”

Sciatica Dr Med. Bernt Fesers studycarried out tests on sufferers of spine syndromes, elbow pain, sciatica, knee arthrosis and phantom-limb pain. The percentage of patients experiencing temporary or continuous pain relief after the use of PainGone ranged from 50%- 86.7%.

Arthritis Dr Reka Puskas, October 2004, Rheumatologist Budapest hospital
“We have established the effectiveness of using PainGone, it is an effective device for chronic pain suffering patients. Because it is handy and easy to use, it can contribute to an improvement in the quality of life for patients who respond well to treatment.”

Mobility and Back Pain The most recent UK study, on patients suffering from back pain, has shown “significant reduction in pain at rest, on movement and improved mobility”. The Doctor in charge reported that “Many of our patients have been really pleased with the results and in several cases we have witnessed a dramatic life altering change”. The report continues “the use of PainGone resulted in significant reduction in pain, increase in mobility and reduction in daily analgesic consumption.”


Pain Gone International Approval
Pain Gone launched at European Union in 1998.
Pain Gone launched at Canada and Korea in 2005.
Pain Gone launched at Australia, Egypt and the Middle East in 2006.
Until 2007, Pain Gone has launched in over 30 countries.

SFDA Certification CAMCAS Certification CE Certification
ISO13485 ISO13485 Product Safety and Quality Report
Chinese Patent Certification


Frequently asked questions

Is PainGone easy to use?
Yes. There are no leads or pads or complicated settings involved. PainGone has just one simple activating button. Hold the PainGone in your hand, place it on the point of pain and click the button about 30-40 times. This takes less than a minute. It really is that simple.

How often should I use PainGone?
Use PainGone whenever you require relief from pain. You cannot overdose and there are no side effects.

How long does PainGone take to work?
In many cases PainGone will work to relieve pain almost immediately or within a few hours or days. Some people may need to use the device for up to 14 days to feel the full benefits.

How do I know if my PainGone is working?
When you press the activating button, PainGone will make a click noise. As long as PainGone makes this click noise, you can be sure that the device is working.

How long will PainGone last?
PainGone typically provides around 100,000 clicks. If used several times daily it will provide around 2 years use.

If I dont use PainGone, will it lose its charge?
No. PainGone retains its charge during periods of inactivity.


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