United YUYU’s International Business Development Department is dedicated to the business of importing high-quality medical products from overseas into China. Three quarters of our highly skilled team hold a masters degree or above. Through our profound understanding of product, the Chinese market, Chinese therapeutic practices, and the types of patients and medical devices appropriate to China, we screen each possible product for quality, suitability and for their possible market potential in China. Once a product is selected, we create an appropriate market strategy for each individual item.


In addition; we provide value added services for overseas pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers to best facilitate their product’s launch in China. Specifically including organising registration of the product, and liaison with CRO companies – following the whole process from clinical trials to full registration and launch.


Our International Business Development Department have already used their expertise in finding and selecting suitable products, market analysis, and the processes of registration, to successfully launch imported devices from Germany and the UK, thus helping overseas companies get a foot hold in China, and enriching the domestic high-end market.


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